Our goal at Foodoo Flavor Company, LLC is to get more plant-based foods into people’s hands. We believe in doing this by crafting delicious, and exciting food and selling it in a way that fits into our active lifestyles.

We believe that plant-based foods have a place in everyone’s lifestyle.

From heat-and-eat entrees, to sandwich fillings, to desserts, Foodoo offers a variety of thoughtfully prepared foods.

We feel that by making plant-based foods ubiquitous and convenient, we can encourage and enable people to eat more plants and less animals.

Foodoo is based out of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Owner

Our chef, Eliza Robinson, first became interested in a plant-based diet for the health benefits. As she delved deeper, she started to truly make the connections between environmental problems, health problems, workers’ rights, animal welfare, and animal agriculture. She eats a mostly plant-based diet and is actively working to decrease the amount of animal products consumed.

Eliza is heavily influenced by her extensive international travel experience (20+ countries) and her family’s appreciation for quality, crafted foods.

The Food

Foodoo Flavor Company, LLC offers a variety of plant-based products to meet your needs. Our food is made without animal products. That means no honey, eggs, dairy, fish, shellfish, or meat. It also means we do not use ingredients produced with animal byproducts.

Foodoo got its start in 2016 as a catering company. This means our products are crafted to taste good, not for optimal shipping and long storage.